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Zen Body & Skin offers a wide variety of resurfacers and chemical peels to meet your skin type and condition. Chemical skin peels can address a variety of skin issues including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, scarring, acne, large pores, and rough skin texture. Typically a series of peels are recommended for the desired results but most people see a refreshed look to their skin immediately. Some peels can be combined with micro needling, dermafile, and LED Light Therapy for enhanced results.

The light "peels" also known as resurfacers are wonderful for first time clients who have never experienced a peel or advanced treatment before. They typically do not result in redness or visible peeling, cause very little discomfort, and you'll leave with refreshed glowing skin!

More advanced, deeper peels are not ideal for the first time client, but the results are much more dramatic. It is important to talk to your esthetician about before and after care so you receive the most from your peel and lessen the chance of any side effects. Typically the fall and winter are the best times to start a peel regiment so as not to over-expose yourself to heat and sunlight.

For deeper peels you may have redness and/or several days of peeling and flaking and/ or even scabbing. Sometimes you will see your age/sun spots darken and then flake off. But once the "down time" period is over your skin condition can dramatically improve. Ask about receiving a free consultation in determining what peels are right for you!

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