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Q: Can anyone receive massage?
A: If you have had a recent injury or surgery, any medical condition, are under a doctor's care, pregnant, currently on medication or any type of drug it is extremely important you communicate this with your Massage Therapist. In many cases massage can alleviate symptoms and pain from certain medical conditions, however in some cases massage may not be advisable. Massage is detoxifying and can increase the effects of medication and push it through your body too quickly. You may find that even though Swedish Massage might not be right for you, an alternative therapy such as Reflexology may be very beneficial. Please seek the advice of a Doctor to see if massage is appropriate for you.

Q: Should I remove all clothing during my massage?
A: This is completely up to your comfort level. However removing all clothing does allow access to certain areas of the body such as the full back and glutes. You will always be professionally draped and never exposed.

Q: Can I ask my therapist just to focus on certain areas of concern?
A: Yes! Your therapist should always be willing to customize the massage to meet your needs.

Q: Is a massage supposed to hurt?
A: No. A massage should feel good and relaxing. You may experience the "hurts so good" feeling on sore muscles, but if you are ever uncomfortable or in pain you must communicate this with your therapist. Do NOT feel you need to "suck it up" or worry about hurting our feelings -we want you to enjoy the massage.

Q: I feel sore after a massage, is this normal?
A: This is perfectly normal to experience some mild soreness. Massage can "awaken" an old injury or hurt and remind the body it needs to heal that area. Massage increases circulation bringing blood and essential nutrients to that area to assist in the healing process.

Q: Why do I sometimes feel sick or have a slight headache after a massage?
A: Massage is detoxifying. All those toxins must be eliminated through the kidneys. At times massage may be heavily taxing on the kidneys especially if you hold a lot of toxins in your tissue. (This can be especially true if you are on medication or do not regularly receive massage) During the detoxifying period you may experience a headache or flu like symptoms. This is usually mild and lasts less than 24 hours. The more often you receive massage the less you can expect to experience these symptoms. Drinking plenty of water after a massage is crucial in avoiding or lessening these symptoms.

Q: How will massage help me with my current work out program?
A: Massage stimulates circulation bringing nutrients to muscles allowing for quicker healing time. Massage will also soften and lengthen tissue allowing for more flexibility and better range of motion.

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