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All Massages are available in 30, 60 and 90 Minute increments unless otherwise noted. For current pricing please visit BOOK NOW.

Zen Signature Massage - My most requested massage service. Zen Signature Massage is a full body massage using light to firm pressure, focusing on relaxation, lengthening and stretching muscle tissue, and improving circulation. If you've never had a Massage before this is a great way to start! Easily customized to meet your specific needs. 

Deep Tissue - A deeper massage aimed at loosening tight muscle and tissue and relieving trigger points (muscle knots) 

Hot Stone - Heat from stones provides additional muscle relaxation, blood and lymph circulation and detoxification. 

Essential Oil (Aromatherapy) - Delight your senses and add additional therapeutic benefits to your massage. Zen Body & Skin exclusively uses doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils.   Essential oils can be selected to target your individual needs from relaxation, increased energy, stimulation of immune system, or even weight loss and appetite control. Your Therapist will help you select the essential oils that is right for your specific needs. 

Bamboo Massage - Includes traditional massage along with the soothing strokes of warm Bamboo sticks. The massage itself promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Bellabaci Cupping Massage - Uses silicone cups to provide a massage that ranges from gently to very deep. Unlike traditional cupping, bruising is not typical. Excellent for detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improved circulation and the reduction of cellulite.

Mix Massage - A Massage using several different techniques. May include a mix of two or more modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Essential Oil etc. Customized to your needs.

Maternity Massage - A massage for the mother to be aimed at promoting relaxation, improved circulation and reducing edema in the legs. Designed for second trimester to full term. 
50 Minutes

Other Body Services

TMJ Relief - Includes neck and shoulder massage and cold and warm stone facial massage aimed at reducing tension in muscles that may affect the Temporal Mandible joint.
30 Minutes

Zen Teaser - Start with a back exfoliation scrub, followed by a relaxing neck back and shoulder massage with your choice of hot stones or aromatherapy. Next enjoy a 50 min facial catered to your skin type and needs. Finish with an invigorating lavender and peppermint foot salt scrub and foot massage. 
90 Minutes

Bioslimming Wrap - Shower free wrap that is scientifically formulated using a unique combination of active ingredients which include a multitude of plant extracts, caffeine, essential oils, algae extracts and thermal agents to target cellulite, fat, enhance weight loss and slim. Learn more by visiting their website at
50 Minutes

Treatment Add Ons

Cold Stone Facial Massage - Cold stones assist in alleviating sinus issues, improving the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, increasing circulation and lymph movement, and reducing inflammation. 

Rosemary Scalp Massage - A relaxing scalp massage with the use of Rosemary Essential Oil. Regular use of rosemary oil helps in stimulating follicles allowing hair to grow longer and stronger, nourishes the scalp and assists in removing dandruff. 

DigestZen Abdominal Massage 
A gentle yet effective abdomen massage designed to assist with digestion and elimination issues. A soothing blend of ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander and anise help restore normal balance in the digestive system. 

Headache Buster 
Drops of peppermint and Lavender are massaged into the neck and scalp providing immediate relief from headaches and tension. 

Peppermint Foot Salt Scrub 
Leaves your tootsies feeling soft, clean and refreshed. 

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