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Zen Body & Skin strives to use products that are high quality, environmentally conscious and not massively produced or heavily marketed, but instead rely on skin care professionals who know and understand the ingredients to spread the word. It is my belief that heavily marketed and mass produced products often compromise on quality. These products are often "bulked up" with cheaper fillers while the active ingredients they advertise are low on the ingredient list rendering them often ineffective. I would rather see a skin care company put their dollars into research and development instead of huge television and magazine adds.

Your skin is like any other organ and absorbs most of what we put on it. I wouldn't put anything on my clients skin that I wouldn't readily put on myself. That's why I use products that are free from parabens, PEG fillers, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes and petro-chemicals. Instead of ingredients that are potentially harmful or irritating to the skin the lines I use: LaRocca 24k Gold skin care, Le Mieux Skin Care, and Shir-Organic Skin care are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phytochemicals (naturally derived from plants) and peptides.

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