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Finally My Long Search Had Been Answered

Cindy E. says: I've had various type of facials with Heidi for the last few years and I had been loyal with her since then. With Heidi I have found all the necessary ingredients I've been looking for to be completely content such as meticulous service, unwavering professionalism, amiable personality and reasonable charge to her services. I cant ask for anything more!!!

Give yourself a gift

Joan m. says: Got a facial yesterday morning and was sorry when the treatment ended, very relaxing. Makes a difference in feel, tone, looks. Will return.

The Best in Henderson!

MK L. says: Heidi is a master of massage. She asks about "concerns" and works accordingly. This is a relaxing place with a very professional atmosphere. Do not wait to book will become a regular as am I...this gets me through the month!

Great experience every time

Kristen H. says: Heidi is awesome! She does such an amazing job at such affordable prices! She is friendly and personable. My skin has improved tremendously since I've been getting facials with her over the past year.


Mike F. says: I have not had a massage in years. I left feeling the best I have in a long time. So relaxing. The massage and facial were amazing. I have never had a facial before this. I will get one every time! I will be going back again......SOON!

Never Disappointed

Daven P. says: Heidi is wonderful. The environment is relaxing. Heidi has her process down to a science. I had not been for a treatment in a long time, and left wondering WHY??? I enjoyed every minute of my massage and facial. I recently injured my shoulder. Extra care was taken in regards to my injury. After the massage, I have not needed any pain medication- feels great! I highly recommend Heidi.

Excellent Deep Tissue Massage

Tricia P. says: This was my first massage with Heidi and it was superb. She is knowledgeable about the body and immediately identifies places that need extra work. She is strong! She is one of the best massage therapists in Las Vegas. I will definitely be a repeat client!

Excellent Deep Tissue Massage

Tricia P. says: This was my first massage with Heidi and it was superb. She is knowledgeable about the body and immediately identifies places that need extra work. She is strong! She is one of the best massage therapists in Las Vegas. I will definitely be a repeat client!


Sarah W. says: My facial was wonderful. Heidi exfoliated all the dry skin, massaged, and moisturized my skin so that I looked years younger. The next day, I swear the bags under my eyes have been reduced by half. I had asked if she would work on that area and help drain them. It worked for me. Wow!

Excellent Massage & wonderful facial

Valerie M. says: I visit Las Vegas a few times a year, stay in the big hotels on the strip and usually have services at their spas. I am often disappointed and feel like I should be giving the therapist a massage instead because they seemed so stressed out and tired. This year I decided to find a local professional with their own private practice and was very impressed with Zen Body and Care's website. I could see that much thought went into the creation of the packages, the reviews are excellent, and Heidi the owner is both a massage therapist and esthetician which means extra training. I received a massage and facial package. The excellent massage was just what I asked for and the facial was a wonderful customized experience. I am also a massage therapist and esthetician for 23 years; very picky and hard to impress. Did I mention the package price was phenomenal; a pleasant surprise. I wish I could find someone like Heidi in my home town. I can't wait to go back and I highly recommend the caring professional experience that Heidi provides.

The Best !!

Rita F. says: It's great to find someone caring and Great at what she does. Excellent customer service. Heidi is very knowledgeable at her craft. I so enjoy her treatments. She has great specials on her services and worth every penny. When out of town family I always treat them to a trip to see her. She really is the BEST.

14 year old with acne

Tammy S. says: My son went to Heidi for help with his acne. She was very gentle and knowledgable about the best approach. She has the high tech equipment used for treating problem skin and I appreciated her being able to clean my son's skin without hurting him. He like the treatment so much that I'm scheduling regular facials for him. Thanks Heidi!!

An absolute indulgence!

Jamee G. says: I spent a phenomenal 2 hours with Heidi and her Zen Silver package. First off, I'd like to say this was a pretty amazing deal. You can chose any of her 1 hour massages AND any of her 1 hour facials for $115. I chose the Sea & C Brightening facial and the Essential Oil Hot Stone massage. It's really hard to beat! I was especially excited for the hot stone massage because I had never received one. Heidi's studio is located in a Sola Salon. It was a cozy, inviting and relaxing setting. She was incredibly professional and assisted me with finding the perfect essential oil for my treatment. The hot stones were soothing as she glided them with the perfect amount of pressure on my skin. The scent I chose was a nice bonus. She asked in the beginning where I would prefer her to concentrate. I said my back, shoulders and neck needed the most attention and she did just that. She really loosened the knots I had in my shoulder. I also like how she was very detail oriented. The pilliows she used to place under my legs and head were warm. That was a nice surprise. At the end of this massage I really did feel like JELLO. It was so relaxing. And it was only halfway over! Then the facial began and she used something new to me. It was called the ultrasonic and she explained how it provided deeper exfoliation along with a deeper cleanse. Her movements and massages were soothing once again. She explained what she was doing with each process, which I appreciated. There were extra little bonus things she did AGAIN! I had a moisture cream smoothed onto my hands and then they were placed into heating gloves. She always checked to make sure the temperature was right with anything from the hot stones to the gloves. At the end of my facial my skin felt rejuvenated. Truthfully, I had 2 pimples that I noticed were greatly diminished afterwards. Whatever she did seemed to really help my skin. I would definitely go back and to Zen Body & Skin when I'd like the treat myself to ultimate relaxtion. I highly recommend her!


Suzi B. says: I always look forward to my massage with Heidi. The facial was a special treat. I recommend her frequently.


Jenn H. says: I deeply appreciated the high quality of service I received. Heidi went above and beyond to make everything exceptional. I love the ultrasonic skin scraping my face feels like I am 20 again. I thought I was going to a spa with robes and such, and was a bit disappointed in the fact it wasn't. But then she shut the door and it was great and I will definitely be back regularly.

Brow Tint

Kim L. says: Searched for someone to tint my brows for months. I've tried other salons and they ALL tint mostly my skin. I want the eyebrows tinted not my skin and OMG, I found Heidi. I got home, looked in the mirror closely and I couldn't believe it. I love them! I wash my face and they're still there! I won't go anywhere else for my eyebrows...ever. I have my 1st massage scheduled the end of the month...

Looking Good!

Lorraine G. says: The facial was so relaxing and my skin feels and looks fantastic. I would definitely recommend Heidi for your facial and will be back for more. Thanks Heidi for making me feel special and feel young again!

Almost Heaven!

Carol A. says: Heidi, I was so stressed and my entire body felt like it was in knots when I came to you for the massage and facial special. Mentally, just overwhelmed by so many things. This weekend I am feeling totally relaxed and full of energy. Looking at things more positively, and feeling healthier and prettier. Heidi, thank you. Going to you made me feel better than any doctor's appointment ever has. You were so professional and eager to answer my questions. You made me feel like I was the only client that you had. I have already booked my next appointment. I am going to recommend you to everyone I know.

Perfect Indeed

Diana B. says: The day before my massage I was in pain and walking weird. I had looked forward to my facial/massage package for weeks. It was all I had expected and more. Heidi does such a good job of listening to her clients and meeting our needs. I'll be back again soon.

Joe L.

Joe L. says: Having never experienced a hot rock massage, I was curious and cautious about the process. It was fantastic. Heidi applied deep pressure to my very sore and weary back and neck and I left feeling refreshed and convinced that this is the way to go. Thanks for one of the best therapeutic massages I have ever experienced. I'll be back!


Martha A. says: I have not had someone do such a wonderful job with a massage and facial and to get it both done without having to leave the table was an added bonus. Heidi is wonderful and will not go to anyone else....and now my family is going to her also.

Eyebrow tint

Sally M. says: I just moved here from Florida where I had an awesome eyebrow tinter. I was a little nervous about finding someone here I could trust because I have very light blonde hair and if they are tinted too dark it looks ridiculous. Heidi did a great job - she made sure we started conservatively and would have made them darker if I wanted but they looked perfect first try. It looks like I found my new eyebrow tinter! :-)

Why Didn't I Go Sooner?

Melissa T. says: Heidi was very informative and knowledgeable about her products. She made sure I was comfortable throughout the session and it was the best hour massage I've ever had!! The prices are amazing and I will definitely be going back.

Great Experience

Karen C. says: I had the Pumpkin Enzyme facial and really enjoyed every part of it. I am an aesthetician myself and I felt well taken care of by Heidi. She is experienced and warm and goes above and beyond to make you feel pampered. If you have ever have a massage or facial where the technician was "checked out" or distracted, you know how dissappointing and/or uncomfortable that feels. Heidi is very warm and professional and I love the products she uses. I highly recommend Zen Body & Skin and would suggest a facial massage combo with her monthly for everyone who wants to keep looking and feeling their best!

Loved it!

Kris L. says: Heidi was great. She truly listened when I told her what areas were bothering me. She also didn't spend much time chatting during the massage. I like people, but I don't like them talking during my massage. The only thing that I would make sure that people know is that the salon itself is a little noisy. However, I was able to tune it out and it did not ruin the experience for me.


Suzi B. says: I left feeling like a brand new woman. Thanks Heidi!

Heidi is Awesome

Agnes M. says: She's very knowledgeable on what she does and she won't sell you products just to earn commisssion like other spa does. Very efficient girl and she will take time on paying attention to your facial needs. Good job Heidi! I will surely see you again in the near future.

Very relaxing afternoon

Kathy g. says: This was my first time with Heidi, I had the Mother's Day Special, I felt wonderful when I left, Had a un time chatting with Heidi, I'm looking forward to my next visit.


Daven P. says: Heidi is fantastic. Very knowledgable re product ingredients (for those of us with sensitive skin) The facial was awesome and tailored to my needs...then the massage was great! Like she said "our bodies are a work in progress" I will be going back...SOON!

Wonderful !

Cherel c. says: Heidi is professional and friendly. The facial has given my skin a boost of rediance. Massage was justright. She massaged ro my requests.

New Year's Special

Terri J. says: Heidi was wonderful. I had the 2 hour massage/facial special. She did the massage first, with hot oil which felt wonderful. She got out all the kinks in my neck and lower back. The facial was wonderful, the products she used left my skin so smooth and soft. I will definitely be booking again in the near future.

The Best Experience

Angela W. says: I just recieved a massage from Heidi yesterday and still feel so relaxed. Heidi was so caring, friendly and professional. She provided all the information regarding the products she uses and was very interested in what I was looking for. I appreciated that. I have been looking for a masseuse that I can get a monthly quality massage from and at a great price. You may find something cheaper (but probably not) but it will never match Heidi's service. Once with those Monthly membership companies, the customer service starts to fade after you sign thier contracts. Besides, Heidi offers monthly specials that anyone can afford. I will recommend her to anyone who asks.

Traci G says:

Traci g. says: Heidi is WONDERFUL!! The massage and facial were great. The knots in my back are gone..the hot stones were great. WHAT A DEAL!! I already booked my next appointment. I am hooked. The place is clean, nice atmosphere..Heidi is nice and polite.


Linda L. says: Heidi was absolutely wonderful. She was genuinely interested in tailoring my massage and facial to my personal needs and definitely delivered, they were both outstanding! I would and will very highly recommend Heidi to anyone. Also, she's very sweet natured and highly professional.

You won't get a better massage anywhere else

April M. says: Heidi is an excellent masseuse who is professional and polite. She worked on the areas in my shoulders that were in desperate need of attention. I had never had a massage with hot rocks before, and now I can't imagine having one without them! The knots in my shoulders are gone and I feel amazing!

Such a Deal!

Jasmine S. says: Heidi was very warm, knowledgable and professional during the hour I spent at Zen Body & Skin. I was in desperate need of a thorough facial and that's just what was delivered. She has various specials, so there is something for everyone. I think I've found my new skin care therapist.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Ryan J. says: I was very impressed with Heidi and Zen Body & Skin. I was looking for a massage that would take me out of the stresses of daily life and that was just what I found. Heidi spent time answering my questions and she focused on certain muscles and pressure points that needed the extra time. I highly recommend Zen Body & Skin for your next massage.

A Slice of Heaven

Teresa B. says: After the holidays I was looking for something to wind down with and came across this wonderful offer I couldn't refuse. An hour facial and an hour massage for $89, It was divine. Heidi was very professional and excellent at her work. I will be back.

Best 2 Hours I've Ever Invested In!

Selina H. says: Heidi is very professional & obviously knowledgeable about both facials & massage. I booked the $89.00 2 hour Facial & Massage Special & left knowing that I had indeed gotten a bargain! My face still feels wonderful & looks glowing! I'm currently in physical therapy for bicep tendonitus & had just finished my therapy when I had my massage with Heidi. I walked in very sore & left painfree and with much more mobility. She also has a great "customer loyalty" program - after 5 treatments you receive one treatment free. I'm also impressed that she doesn't require a "membership" , unlike some chains that have poor customer reviews, to take advantage of her specials! I've already reccommended her to several of my friends & feel confident about doing so again through this review. Hope that this encourages you to make an appointment for yourself!

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