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The Dermafile Diamond Exfoliation treatment is an excellent alternative to microdermabrasion and chemical skin peels. Dermafiles are skin polishing and resurfacing tools made of stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds. These files will lightly polish the skin by hand, removing the top layer of dead skin cells, and leaving velvety smooth, fresh, rejuvenated skin. Dermafile Diamond Exfoliation is very effective in treating aging and sun damaged skin, scars, acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines and enlarged and clogged pores. It will also smooth rough, dry or calloused skin. Dermafiles come in three levels, fine, medium and course. Typically six treatments about 4 weeks apart are recommended. Dermafiles are appropriate for almost any skin type except for those with active acne. (Please consider another treatment for acne such as ultrasonic exfoliation and/or Blue LED Light therapy.) After a Dermafile treatment you may experience some redness, dryness, skin sensitivity, peeling and flaking. (Although this is not typical with the Dermafile FINE tool, most people will leave with smooth glowing skin!) It is very important during the healing time you are extra careful in the sun as you will be more prone to sun burns! It's also recommended to stop any Retin A products two days prior to receiving a treatment, and two days after the treatment.

Benefits of the Dermafile™ Exfoliation:
  • Helps build collagen and smooth fine lines.
  • Helps remove sun damage and pigmentation.
  • Helps lessen ingrown hairs.
  • Helps smooth away dead skin cells and rough, bumpy, dry patches of skin.
  • Helps smooth away acne scars and other types of scars.
  • Helps makeup go on smoother.
  • Skin feels silky smooth and clean!
  • Dermafile™ is a safe, natural, holistic alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

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